How to implement a successful conference call

How to implement a successful conference call

Conference calls continue to be a popular outlet for meetings among individuals in different locations. There are several ways you can create a successful meeting and make it informative for all involved.

The first step is to be organized, prepared and punctual. Being organized not only helps you, as the leader, but those in the meeting as well. These elements are also a crucial step in accomplishing your agenda and keeping participants engaged. Preparing ahead not only includes making your own visual cues and agenda but sending those items to participants ahead of time. Sending these items allows participants to stay engaged, informed and prepared for any questions or discussion topics. Punctuality is also key. Everyone is busy. A successful conference call is often one that starts and ends on time. A short conference call is even better. Short calls keep participants from dreading future meetings and also to remain engaged throughout the session.

Second, use visual aids and encourage participation. Visual aids help participants to follow along and stay connected. Participation allows the conference leader to make sure that the right information is getting across. Without having the non-verbal cues to work off of, participation can help make sure information isn’t lost in translation.

A third element is taking notes and sticking to the agenda. Sticking to the agenda allows the conference to stay on track and cover all relevant topics. Taking notes allows the conference leader to keep up with any ideas or questions that arise, especially if they could be important additions to a follow-up question and answer session.

Finally, an important element to future successful conference calls is recording the events. Being able to play back conversations can help to locate any questions that may have gone unanswered as well as give you insight on how to conduct future conference calls. Recorded conference calls also allow participants who were unable to attend to stay up to date on information discussed at that time.

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