Build your own home theater from the ground up

Build your own home theater from the ground up

Home theaters can be an attractive addition to your home and a great gathering place. It’s possible to spend serious bucks on these rooms to make them authentic and high end. But with a little know-how and a DIY spirit, you can put together a pretty impressive theater of your own, without busting your bank account.

  • A TV doesn’t have to take up an entire wall to be part of a home theater. But you’ll want to make sure it’s an HDTV. Shop for sales and discounts to be sure you get the best price. The new ones are thinner and much lighter, making them easy to mount to the wall and move around. You’ll also get wifi connectivity, streaming capabilities, and other technology features not found in older models.
  • While you’re shopping around, check out receivers too. This is the cog that sends the audio and video to the appropriate devices. Your DVR and other consoles will be routed through the receiver, making the entire system better organized and easier to add and subtract items down the road.
  • Speakers make a huge impact to the home theater experience. Be sure to select a pair of good quality speakers that are appropriate for your area. Size and cost is not proportional to the sound you get out of them, as a rule. Again, just shop smart, read reviews to find the speakers that fit your needs.
  • Still itching for better sound quality? A sound-bar can pack a wallop of sound, but doesn’t take up much space. Just connect it to your TV for high quality amplified audio, without the need to connect to the receiver.

After your electronics are set up, you may be content sitting on a couch. But if reclining chairs are in the budget, you and your guests can fully take in the movie going experience. Just take time to shop around for the best prices. And if you have money left over you can spend it on popcorn and candy. Enjoy your new setup without the worry by investing in warranty coverage. This can save you big money down the road.

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