Toss the paperwork and opt for our app instead

Toss the paperwork and opt for our app instead

Paperwork. It’s everywhere. Even with most companies transitioning to “green” online initiatives, there’s still plenty of junk mail, instruction manuals, and needless paperwork to go around.

Unfortunately, things like service agreements and warranty documents are items that can’t easily be thrown away. If something unfortunate happens, it is important to have this paperwork on hand in order to deal with claims, keep track of when to renew your services, and so much more.

Here at Jacana Warranty, we knew that there had to be a better way to manage warranty data and assist our customers. That is why we created an easy-to-use app that organizes and tracks multiple warranties, for various items, all under one umbrella program.

With us, it is easy to purchase peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Whether you just bought a new furniture set, are the proud owner of a new computer, or recently picked up a new top-of-the-line surfboard, our warranties cover it all.

That’s right: with a Jacana Warranty you can insure everything form home appliances to sporting goods and for half the price of what the competition offers.

Lose the paperwork, lose the exorbitant costs, and gain the best service around. Pair that convenience with the easy-to-manage downloadable app and you have a winning strategy. Life is good with Jacana Warranty. Join today, and see the difference.

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