Infuse your wedding with tech touches

Infuse your wedding with tech touches

Whether you want your wedding to be traditional or modern and funky, you can incorporate bits of technology for an updated and playful feel.

The simplest way to get guests involved in the wedding is to post a hashtag for your friends and families to tag pictures they take at the ceremony. Strategically placed selfie sticks will encourage people to get together for fun shots. Create a cute chalkboard with the information in several areas of your reception. Something simple that people can remember and are less likely to mistype – #JonesWedding2016 or #JulielovesSam – will help you create a lasting virtual memory book of candid photos taken on your special day.

A fun way to incorporate technology into an outdoor wedding is to have a drone take aerial photos as your guests dance and mingle. Check with your venue for any potential regulations about the immediate airspace, and find a professional operator or very experienced friend so that there are no drones crashing into cakes!

If you have friends or family that live far away and can’t attend, you could invite them to attend virtually using a live streaming app. Be sure to take a moment to have everyone give a shout out to online guests to make them feel loved and involved.

An alternative to the traditional wedding video is a small camera placed in the bride’s bouquet to capture the unique perspective of the walk down the aisle. Inexpensive cameras are available, or chances are you know someone who owns one and would be happy to loan or rent it to you!

Simple touches like these can make your wedding memorable for all involved. Your guests will rave about the fun they had, and you will have special (and probably some hilarious) memories of your wedding day.

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